Machining capacity

Himile owns many high-precision imported equipment, such as MAZAK, PAMA, TOSHIBA, TOS, Okuma, DMG, etc. We can provide machining services of different products from a few kilograms to dozens of tons. For Lathe, the maximum machining capacity is up to 10m × 7m; for gantry machining center, Max. 21mX8mX5m (XYZ), 160T; for 5-axis machining center, Max. 1.1 m X 1.1m X 0.8m PAMA horizontal machining center.

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Okuma gantry machining center
Horizontal Machining Center
Mazak horizontal machining center (left) / DMG horizontal machining center (right)
Testing capability
Possessing precision calibration center for precision measuring tool, we are capable to perform independent measurement equipment calibration, and ensure measurement accuracy. Himile owns more than 10 Hexagon three coordinates measuring instruments and portable CMM with the maximum measuring range of 5m × 3m × 2m. Himile owns Germany Leica Laser Tracker with maximum measuring radius range is 160m.Sophisticated coordinate measuring technology and plenty measurement experience provide strong guarantee to the quality system. Meanwhile, we are able to provide customers with various services such as CMM inspection scheme, measurement procedures and test analysis report optimization design.
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Large three coordinates measuring instrument
Germany Leica laser measuring instrument
Process engineering capability

Himile have a professional engineering and technical team, including 20 senior engineers in service and more than 200 design engineers and process engineers, We have the ability to independently design and fabricate fixtures, possess abundant process technology development experience of wind power products, gas turbines, compressors, rail transportation products, aviation mold products.

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Process Engineering team