Himile first primary school / junior high school

Himile vocational education schoolyard


  Himile Group invested 25 million USD on the education to set up kinder-garden, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, which provides consecutive 12-year excellent basic education to free the education concerns to employees’ children. In the meantime, Himile Group set up the vocational school not only to support itself with adequate human resources but also provide learning and improving opportunity for employees. 

  Himile vocational education yard covering 50 acres starts construction in 2016. The yard is designed for Himile high school and vocational school. The first phase of the construction is building a vocational school with investment of 25 million USD, currently, the construction works of the vocation school has been finished and the existing Himile vocational school will be relocated to Himile vocational education yard in the second half of 2016. The second phase is to build a new high school and it is scheduled to relocate the existing Himile high school to the yard in 2017.

Green energy


Himile built up photovoltaic (PV) power station. The renewable clean energy is applied on production, which is good at benefiting energy saving, emission reduction, environment protection and society. The installed capacity is 8MWP and the annual generating capacity is around 9.6 million KWh. The project can make 3200 tons coal-saving, 9700 tons carbon dioxide emission-saving, 292 tons sulfur dioxide emission-saving, and 146 tons nitrogen oxides emission-saving on a yearly basis.



  Himile set up Training Department to develop new employees training, on-the-job training and other general trainings. The on-the-job training includes management staff training, key staff’s rotation training, outstanding employee closed training, outward bound, etc. Meanwhile, with the platform of vocational school, the senior technician courses and other professional skills training have been developed by Himile.

  To help employees to fully achieve their value, Himile set up a complete training system to develop series of training courses and provide professional learning material to employees. Through adopting the progressive learning promotion model and combining honor incentive and employees career development for each grade, which improved the professional skills and accomplishment of employees, built the channel of growth and success for employees, and also reserved preeminent human recourses for the further development of Himile.

Employees’ life

  Himile set up a series of clubs and societies, organizing a variety of entertainment and sports activities periodically to enrich the sparetime life of employees. To help single employee to find the ideal another half, Himile set up a dating platform, assigned dedicated staff to manage and organize related activities.

  Himile provides dormitory for single staff with air conditioning, private bathroom, heater, Internet, cable TV and other establishments. There are large numbers of low-rent housing and commercial buildings with comprehensive surrounding supporting facilities around Himile facilities.