Stress analysis method is an effective numerical method which is developed with our computer; this is the method utilizing finite element method to calculate stress, strain and deformation of structure. Stress analysis has become an indispensable method in engineering design. It can solve problems such as stress analysis, deformation analysis and vibration analysis for large-scale and complex structure. This method has following advantages:

Base on a strict theoretical basis, the results are reliable;

Easy to deal with irregular shape structure;

Easy to solve complex loading conditions

Can handle multiple types of contact or constraint conditions;

Can calculate equipment life

Can handle large deformation and nonlinear problems caused by nonlinear materials

Relying on CFD theory, high performance computer hardware configuration and experienced CFD team, we can carry out precise quantitative analysis for different varieties of fluid equipment on problems about uniform velocity, press drop reducing, gas diffusion, temperature distribution to help our customers save their costs and reduce their risk. In addition to conventional single-phase fluid equipment simulation, our main business covers complex relating simulation like gas-fluid and gas-solid simulation, convection heat transfer, fluid-solid coupling, etc.

Our main service includes:

•  Equipment Flow Field Simulation

•  Flow Field Analysis and Diagnosis

•  Flow Field distribution design and optimization

Overall temperature distribution on Spiral Wound Tube Type Heat Exchanger

 Gas flow line

        Liquid flow line

Our engineering team consists of many well-known casting experts and more than 20 technicians. Possess Magma analysis software, and the overall analysis for product casting process is conducted in the casting process development stage, to improve casting product quality and the casting yield and reduce defect rate.

Himile has strong product design and development capabilities. The traditional design is combined with fluid simulation and stress analysis to make the designed product with higher security and practicability. The condition is changed that people don’t understand the fluid flow and stress distribution inside the product in traditional design. Currently, design analysis and fluid simulation has played a good supporting role in product development. For example, screw quick-open head based on analysis design which is forced uniformly and operated simply, its service life is five times longer than before. It has become the company's leading products. Relying on fluid simulation we designed Lining tantalum reaction kettle stirring device, which could mix materials equally and run steadily, and is praised by customers.

The basic idea of design optimization is applying mathematical programming theory and calculation methods to engineering and product design. According to the anticipant design goals, with the help of computer’s high-speed and precise calculation, select the design parameter and choose the optimal design scenario continuously, in order to obtain the best economic results.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, Himile always adheres to put customer’s demand in the first location and persists the principle of continuous improvement, so that customers get the maximum profit return with the lowest cost. Engineers consult original tradition design idea: research & study → proposal→  technical design→ drawings, while determining an initial design scenario via traditional experience, analogy and estimate, they syncretize advanced computer simulation technology, overcome the deficiencies of empiricism, intuitive judgment and lack of scientific validation, which have improved the efficiency and save the cost.

Himile provides optimization design to our customers in the field of pressure vessels, nuclear power, fluid machinery, aviation, automotive and military, etc., relying on a strong engineering design software and CAE simulation software.

Himile possess a professional process calculation team who are able to skillfully use chemical simulation software , such as Aspen Plus, Hysys, PROⅡ. In allusion to market demand, the new process can be customized for customer via simulation. At the same time the simulation can "diagnose" the problem in existing processes, and also has remarkable achievements in the aspect of device calibration, energy analysis and optimization. Up to now we have completed the design calculation and verification for several sets of units such as Dongying Daming PS separation project, Xinjiang Jia Yu Heng high acid crude oil pretreatment device, and the calculated results basically matched with the field data.

We can carry out engineering and package design of petrochemical industry. Engineering design covers following aspects: technology, automation, equipment, civil engineering, general layout, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc., Himile can provide design scheme at all stages which includes feasibility study, preliminary design and construction drawing design and so on. We have completed the first stage of Xinjiang Jia Yu Heng company 100,000 tons / year BS light oil project - 300,000 tons / year crude oil pretreatment device and related public construction design works successfully. The package design includes both single set of equipment package (such as self-developed natural gas Desander package modules) and single set of production equipment package.

Based on a strong R & D and process fluid simulation team, combined with advanced mechanical processing capacity, it has achieved the development and manufacture of micro-reactor and mixing equipment such as Micro channel Reactor, tubular reactor, light reactor, mixer. We can provide customers with a full set of development and design of the micro channel reactor systems engineering to help customers realize the change from the intermittent small scale test, batch production to a continuous process alteration with shortening the development cycle and improving batch production efficiency. Micro Reaction Engineering has significant advantages in the treatment of explosive, toxic and hazardous process media. It has good safety performance and can strengthen the reaction process to achieve improvement of feedstock conversion and product yield.

Process packages is the basis of engineering design, we are committed to the development and improvement of process routes in the field of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical etc., and we can provide complete resolvent to customers which from the laboratory development, pilot to engineering design. According to customer demand, achieve the development and design of different depth and different level process package. Now, the development and design of  thiophenol production and wastewater treatment process package has been completed, and part of the process package have achieved the smooth operation of industrial installations.